How to Create a Simple Web Page with HTML

It took forever to write out code. First, it needed to be clarified. There were tons of different tags to learn. Even worse, when you started experimenting with HTML, increasingly easier to know which tags would do what and what tags to achieve your desired results.

The good news is it’s pretty easy to create a simple web page with HTML. I will show you how to build a website in minutes with only a few lines of HTML code. So you don’t need an expert web developer to create a web page.

Look no further if you’re looking for a simple, step-by-step guide to creating a web page using HTML.


simple web page
Front end designs

Web Page

The web page is a collection of files. HTML code is written in a document called a “template.” The template tells the web server how to display the HTML pages. A template is a simple document that specifies the location and formatting of elements on the web page. When the server receives a request for a web page, it reads the template and inserts the content. The user sees the result as soon as the web browser receives the response from the server.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a language used to describe the structure of web pages. In this tutorial, I show you how to use HTML to build a simple web page with text, images, buttons, and links.

Role of CSS in Web Page

We’ve all heard about the importance of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). However, many people don’t realize that the “styles” applied to web pages are much more profound than fonts, colors, and margins. CSS is an integral part of the overall structure of a page and its design.

In addition to the actual style sheet, several fundamental properties help dictate how a page is displayed. These include font, color, background color, text alignment, and line height.

Here, I will build a simple web page with HTML using a table structure using a basic text editor, Notepad++.

Before you start, download a free version of Notepad++ on your computer.

Components of a Web Page

A website is made up of several components. If you want to make a successful website, you need to understand the components that make it up. Here is an explanation of all the major components of a website.

A header is a strip of text that appears at the top of every web page, often containing a title, author, date, and links to other pages on your site. A footer is a strip of text at the bottom of every web page, containing copyright information, navigation links, and other elements typically used in website design.

2. Menus & Navigation Bars

Secondly, menus and navigation bars are often used to organize web pages. It’s possible to do this simply by using CSS styling, but there are other ways. For example, a basic menu bar can include links to different site sections.

In addition, it can contain links to sub-pages and any content that might be of particular interest to your visitors.

simple web page
HTML Templates

3. Images & Graphics

When you read a web page, the eye skips over words and text and instead focuses on the pictures, graphics, and colors. But it doesn’t stop there; the brain also processes the content of a web page, meaning that the words on a web page are also important. You can change the words on a web page by editing the copy, but you can’t change the images on a web page.

So, don’t forget to include images of the web page in your content. Most people remember text better than images. So if you’re trying to convince someone to buy something, don’t just present your product, but show them the product and explain why it’s worth buying.

4. Website Content

The primary purpose of a web page is to provide information to someone looking for it. This is called the informational value of a web page.

Yet, web page content can be divided into the heading and the body. The headings are usually in boldface and contain the title of the page. On the other hand, the body is the page’s text and can be organized into paragraphs.

5. Structure

Lastly, the layout of a web page should reflect the message being communicated. Of course, a clear structure with vital visual elements is a good thing, but if you’re unsure how to start, you can always break down the process into a series of steps.


In conclusion, HTML is the language of the web. It’s used to create web pages and hyperlinks and style them. HTML is also the most crucial part of any website because it determines how the rest of the page looks. Therefore, you should learn how to use HTML and move on to other parts of your website.


What’s the difference between a web page and an e-mail?

A web page is a document that you can view in a browser. You can also view web pages on your computer using your browser. An e-mail is a document you can send to someone else using an e-mail program on your computer or an online service like Gmail or Hotmail.

simple web page
Create simple page with HTML

How do I create a web page?

You need a web hosting company that will allow you to create a website. Your web hosting company will provide you with a web page. The web page will be on your web hosting company’s server, which is connected to the Internet.

What’s the best way to create a web page?

The best way to create a web page is to use a web page editor. You can use tools like notepad++ & Sublime Text.

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