5 Easy, Budget-Friendly Robotics Project Ideas for Kids

We all love robots! But do you know what kind of robot can be built for only a few dollars?

How about a robot with wheels and arms that moves around and cleans the house?

In fact, you can build a robot that does almost anything — from cleaning to fetching your favorite drink.

I’m sure everyone loves coding. But coding is a complex skill to teach and takes a lot of resources. So I’ve devised a much easier way to teach kids robotics and programming. By teaching them how to build a robot, kids can learn the basics of coding in a fun way.

It’s not hard to get kids excited about building robots—they love watching their creations come to life! But these robots can be cost-effective, even if you build them yourself.


Robotics Project
ELEGOO Smart Robot Car

Robotics for Kids

Kids love to build robots. But when building a robot, most kids tend to choose off-the-shelf parts. They often need help sourcing the appropriate sensors, motors, and electronics to make their robots go, so they use cheap or homemade parts.

Birthday Gift

You can use a robot as a birthday present for kids. And I think it would make an excellent gift for a young child because it’s so easy to make!

You just need to take the kit to your local store or hobby shop. Then, check out how to build a robot. There are projects to help you make one.

1. Leaping Robot Frog

First of all, the frog jumps on the robot’s back. A lot of people assume that there is no chance of anything working, but they miss the point: The frog’s actions matter. The frog can either leap to the robot’s back or jump into space.

Although, the fact that the frog chose to leap on the robot’s back rather than jump into space means that it is more interested in trying the robot’s method of transport than it is in getting away from the robot.

2. Wobblebot

Secondly, the WobbleBot project creates innovative toys that encourage and develop childlike imagination, curiosity, and playfulness.

In order to help spread awareness and reach out to children, a “wobble bot” allow anyone to customize their robot using online & offline resources.

3. Propeller Car

Thirdly, propellers are designed to give young kids a little boost. They’re toy cars with propellers instead of wheels. Kids are naturally drawn to these things, and they provide a simple and fun way to get kids interested in learning more about math and physics.

Yet, you can buy the equipment of a propeller car from a toy store or online from Amazon.

Robotics Project
Robotics Car

4. Mini Robot Bug

The mini robot bug, designed to encourage children to take care of insects, was created in collaboration with a team of scientists who wanted to create something that would give young people an opportunity to be creative while learning about ecology.

In addition, Mini Robot Bug is a robot that’s easy to assemble for kids, with little glue or batteries. Each Mini Robot Bug kit includes the robot, four stickers, and a building book. The robot is equipped with lights and motors so that kids can move the robot around, which helps them understand how the parts interact and learn how they work.

5. Robotic Arm

While adults might love watching robots in action, children tend to have an easier time connecting with toys that move, talk, and interact with them on some level.

In fact, with new robotic toys designed just for kids, parents can rest easy knowing that their kids won’t be risking injury if they play too hard with the toys. Instead, their favorite robotic characters can help keep kids safe and entertained.

So, there is no need for a human child who would otherwise get hurt. The robotic arm can reach the highest shelves just as effectively as any human without worrying about hurting a child.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why they aren’t widely used in schools and libraries. For one, they are costly and require a lot of time and effort to build. They must also be programmed with specific commands and instructions, which isn’t always feasible.

Therefore, I mentioned a list of 5 easy, budget-friendly robotics project ideas for kids.


What’s the best way to get started with robotics?

There are so many different ways to get started with robotics. Some people build their robots, but that can be expensive. Kits can be found for a variety of prices.

Robotics Project

How much does it cost to build a robot?

The price for a kit will depend on the kind of kit you buy. If you buy a kit, you will have to assemble it yourself. However, it will take longer than buying a pre-assembled robot.

Do I need any special tools to build a robot?

It depends on the type of robot you are building. For example, some robots need special tools, while others can be built with a screwdriver.

What are some of the benefits of robotics?

Robotics can help kids learn how to think like an engineer, and it can be used to teach kids about engineering.

How does robotics work?

Robotics use electrical components to move parts of the robot. The robot’s parts can be motors, wheels, sensors, and other things that make it move.

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