Technological Research & Software Engineering (AI) for Business Applications

Research & Development

3XM Limited is Centre for Technological Research and Software Engineering including Artificial Intelligence for for Business Applications. we are taking on the challenge to develop new ways to bring innovative technologies to everyday Businesses. 

Our R&D team focus on innovation and technologies on the fields of Finances, Investment, Marketing, Data Analytics and other business applications. 


Software Engineering

Developing Software and Engineering Systems thru Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods to help scale up all kind practical applications into traditional businesses.  

Software Engineering, specializing in mobile, web, embedded or cloud development. They work together across all our disciplines to find the optimal combination of successful business cases.

Innovation in Science & Technology

Our projects range from Scientific Research to Tech Developments in fields like Data Analytics, Blockchain and Finances, leveraging on the power of Software Engineering  and Artificial Intelligence to enhance the lives of the up coming generations.

Develop, Apply and Improve, supporting local projects, communities and end users seeking reliable and proven solutions and processes.

Our Technologies and Development

Smart Buildings

Banking & Finances

Blockchain Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Marketing



Sports Tech


About us

Here at the Centre for Technological Research and Software Engineering a department of 3XM Limited, Hong Kong.

Our Mission

Lead the world in employing innovative technologies and engineering solutions to enhance society’s needs and do so in a sustainable way to manage the Earth’s resources responsibly.


Our Vision

Through Tech Development we are committed to create a future where we can explore the human potential and transcend into the next generations, improving the quality of life for our communities, our nation, and the world.